Thank You!

Here's a quick story of prayer: Seven years ago I wrote down a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I prayed to God that if His will is to be then please allow my heart's desire. I, my family, and friends are living proof that God answer's prayers. It's time to write a new list, but don't worry, I won't hog all of His time. Thank you Father God.

Tracy Carter, we made it!!! Thank you for stepping in when changes were made. A producer hears and sees what makes an artist unique and does not try to change who she is but lets her see what she can become. Thank you for letting me be me. The world has yet to know T. Carter.

Michael Munsell, my friend, thank you for your creative vision. You amaze me. Thanks for believing in this project. You always make me feel at peace through the rough waters. Hi Guy! Thank you too!!!

LaDonna Kearney – Thank you for unconditional friendship! Everyone should have a friend like you!!!

Steve Schonberger – Thank you for taking a chance on an Island Girl! Thanks for making this happen for me. Thanks also to your family – Richard, Nancy, and Clay.

Michael Wells of Wishing Well Studios – Thank you my friend for helping me get to this point.

The Band! I wish I could bottle you guys up and keep you for myself! Gerald Albright, Del Atkins, Laval Belle, Dale Black, Mark Cargill, Tracy Carter, Kirkwood Coakley, Theophilus Coakley, Jerohn Garnett, Donald Hayes, Munyungo Jackson, Romeo Johnson, Ava Monroe, Toni Scruggs, John "Jubu" Smith, Dontae Winslow, Wanda Xulu.

Team Brettina: Nisa Anderson, Juliannah Awopetu, Tim Carter, Tracy Carter, Oilin Coakley, Queenie Donaldson, Reggie Dowdley, Miles Hargrove, Lobace, Angel Mason, Monique Mason, Ron McMaster & Matt Graeber, Sandra Miller, Ava Monroe & Jerohn Garnett, Matthew Johnson, Michael Munsell, Nick Isley, Bill Phelps & Luke Ratray, Gregory & Margaret Robinson, Shameal Robinson, Sweet Boy & Lynn Robinson, Paula Salvatore, Al Schmitt & Steve Genewick, Crystal Shephard, Steve Valenzuela & Tanesha, Studio City Sound, Fred White.

Seattle: Through my ups and downs you've inspired me to write these songs. You will always have a special place in my heart. I will always remember your genuine warmth and acceptance of all people and music.

Los Angeles: You showed me that I wasn't the only dreamer. You made me challenge myself.

Nassau, The Bahamas: When I'm there, I feel whole. You realized before I did that my destiny was calling. Thank you for your unconditional love and a paradise I call home.

Bahama Mama Clients: You've watched me come into my own through the years and were there supporting me and my family every step of the way. Your friendship and loyalty will never go unnoticed.

Family: Gregory Robinson, Malinda, Zeke, Zion, Zoan – Thank you for always praying for me! Shane Coakley – Thank you for always being excited over every little thing I do. You make me want to be more. The Coakley family – So many of you! Thank you for your love and support! Terry Spring – Thanks for always believing in me. Extended family: Alex, Erica, Jeff, Jen, Jeremy, (Jiggy) Jacky, Tiffany, Travis, little Travis, Tyson.

Gregory Robinson Sr.: Thank you, Dad, for the re-introduction to my culture, for always being proud of me, and for the best Bahamian food any mortal could whip up! Love you and the whole Robinson-Moore family!!!

T-Connection: Uncles T and Kirk Coakley: Ever since I was a little girl I was in awe of you guys. You both are a huge inspiration to me. Thanks for your encouragement and guidance. T-Connection Forever!!!

Mom: Your life journey and triumphs gave me the courage, depth, and openness for this project. I thank you Mummy, for being my number one fan, hero, and marketing firm.

Wright family: Thank you all for your support. I couldn't have done this without you all in my corner!

Dreden: I hope you know that all I do is because you allow me to. Thank you for letting me fly! This CD is dedicated to you. I pray that I make you proud.

My Journey

We would also like to thank all of you:

Sonia Andrews, Robert Asagai, Tina & Thandie Johnson Asagai, Julianna Awopetu, Steve Barlow, Thom Barry, Chakara Bennett, Lori Bishop, Terrance Bolden, Judy Bonicelli, Sonia & Gerald Bradford, Jennifer Brice, Marykay Brown, Michelle Brown, Natalie Brown, the Bussey family, Mona Campbell, Harriette Claiborne, Jeannette Coakley, June Coakley, Patricia Coakley, Ramon & Josh Coakley, Sandra Coakley, Darnell "shut tha doe", Appy Deveaux, Jamaine Dorsette, Stephanie Dorsette (miss you), Joseph & Melody Drake, Gary Draper, the Duncan family, Lisa Dyke (miss you), Margaret Dyke aka Princess Tanya, Anthony W Echendu, Jackie, Emily, & Nick Edmondson, Yvonne Edwards, Nigel Farr, Marguerite Ferguson, Jeff Flach, Gary Fukushima, Julie & Claire Gallagher, Frank Gallow, Kevin Gardner, Jeff Goldstein, Michael John Gonzalez, Jennifer, Jacquelyn C Grubbs, Archie Harris, Ellen & Frank Hatcher, Haziza, Brian Hickey, Katrina Hill, Loren Hill, Ajili Hodari, Jay & Shel Hofstadter, Tina Horner, Cynthia Hwang, Laynette Ishimitsu, Dan Ivanhoff, Shirlie James, Bobette Jamison, Monique Jaenicke, Jitaun, JoAnn K Johnson, Lee Johnson, Alice Jolla, Paul & June Joseph, Yusuf Kargbo, Agnes Kariuki, Nishayla & Briana Kearney, Anne Klein, Steve Kopian, Gary Kopolow, Taka Kumagai, Marjorie Lamarre, Greg Lampkin, Priscilla Leytus, Lobace, Dave Mackey, Joe Mantegna, the Marenco family, Joi Marshall, Dorothy Marston, Delarease Martin, Ola Martin (miss you), Rick & Margaret Martinez, Chuvalo Mason, Marion Mason, Davon McDowell, Shamara McFarland, Pampi Medford, Sandra Miller, Deborah Mitchell, Harry Murphy, Pearline Nixon, Sharon Oreiro, Jaela Paye, Ann Perkins, Yvette & Kirt Phillips, Thelma Piguese, Sherri Portier, Karen & Ransom Porter, Robert Redwine, Lupe Reynoso & family, Gladys Reuis, Anik & Andrea Ricketts, Kathy Robbs, Gracee L Roberts, Lee Roberts, Charles Russell, Leo & Sheree Sanker, Kathy Sargent & family, Chris Saumaiwai, the Schonberger family, Sheila Sellars, Mouna Bamba Seri, Crystal & Steve Shephard, Mr. & Mrs. Shephard, Baileh Simms, Chris Smith, Lonnie Smith (miss you), Marion Stewart-Moss, Ollie Swan, Bob Tait, Meshach Taylor, Derick & Elnora Walker, Lashaun & Ericka Watson, Tina Warner, Elaine Williams, Berry & William Wen, Aaron Wright, Bakeba Wright, Kathy & Clavon Wright, the Wright family, Tony Williams, Art & Brea Wilson, Jackie Wood, Steve Woods, Jim Woolley, Kerri Yarborough, Paris Yates, Carolynn Young-Miller

Bahamians Online, Marsha, Sue, & Suzie at Columbia Bank, Ami at Curve, C.C. Sweeting, C.I. Gibson, Cleveland High Vocal Ensemble, Hal Jackson Talented Teen, Bob Lee & staff at Jack 'n' Jill Too, Nara Sushi (Redmond), Nassau Guardian, Rejoice in Jesus Ministries (UW branch), STAR 106.5 FM, the Studio City Sound family, Yen Sushi, ZNS TV


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  • The production credits were misprinted. They should read, "Produced by: Tracy Carter, ESMG. Additional production by Laval W Belle, WesleyMusic."
  • The arrangement credit for the song "Paradise" was misprinted. It should read, "Music arranged by Laval W Belle, WesleyMusic."
  • The production credit for the song "Island in the Sun" was missing. It should read, "Produced by Laval W Belle, WesleyMusic."

    We regret the errors. They will be corrected in the next printing.

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