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Brettina News and Media Appearances

This page includes news about Brettina, including career updates and media appearances.

Featured Media Links

Brettina has made numerous appearances in the media. These are the best of the videos and print appearances that are available online.

News and Media Appearances

The rest of the page is news about Brettina, including what we hope is a comprehensive list of media appearances. If you are aware of a media appearance that is not listed here, please write to media@brettina.com.

August 23 — media appearance
"Bahamian Jazz Sensation, Brettina" — Karibbean Expressions, August-September issue. The issue has been moved to the site's archive, as a PDF download.
July 24 — media appearance
"Brettina – Brettina [Floating Bridge Media]" — The Urban Flux (blog).
July 19 — media appearance
"Brettina: New Sound of Jazz" — Marc Meyers, Jazz Wax.
June 28 — media appearance
"Brettina Robinson's Got The Bug" — Joey Flores, earbits.
May 26 — media appearance
"Brettina!" — Jackie Joice.
April 30 — media appearance
"Interview with Bahamian Jazz Artist, Brettina Robinson" – video interview, The Bahamas Weekly.
April 25 — event
Brettina performed at the Supermodel of the Bahamas event, British Colonial Hilton, Victoria Ballroom, Nassau, the Bahamas.
April 24 — media appearance
"Brettina and Julien to perform at Supermodel of the Bahamas" — The Bahamas Weekly.
April 23 — media appearance
STAR 106.5 FM radio interview (not available online).
April 23 — media appearance
ZNS Television interview, about C.I. Gibson donation (not available online).
April 23 — media appearance
"Brettina's heart and soul" — Chakara Bennett, The Nassau Guardian (no longer available online, which is unfortunate since it was a very good article).
April 4 — media appearance
"El DeBarge, Brettina CD Release Party, RealTVfilms" — Tara Hunnewell and El DeBarge, RealTVFilms.com. Highlight of the video clip: El DeBarge, when asked whether he had worked with Brettina, replied, "No, not yet."
April 4 — media appearance
"Angelyna Martinez, Brettina CD Release Party, RealTVfilms" — Tara Hunnewell and Angelyna Martinez, RealTVFilms.com.
April 4 — media appearance
"HU-TV at the Brettina CD Release party" — Jeremy Meyer, Examiner.com. The highlight of this article is an interview with Brettina, as she arrived at her CD listening party.
April 3 — media appearance
"Brettina, Jazz vocalist, red carpet at the Whisper" — Jeremy Meyer, PSPhotoVideo. (This video also appears in the HT‑TV article, above.)
April 1 — media appearance
"Brettina CD Release Party, Whisper, The Grove LA" — Real TV Films. This is a collection of 45 still photographs taken at Brettina's CD listening party.
April 1 — media appearance
"Brettina Music, Brettina CD Release Party, RealTVfilms" — Tara Hunnewell, RealTVFilms.com. (Also on Youtube.)
April 1 — media appearance
"Jazz Artist Brettina New Album Listening Cocktail Party" — Film Magic. This is a collection of 67 still photographs taken at Brettina's CD listening party.
April 1 — event
Brettina's team hosted a private listening party with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at the Whisper Lounge, 189 the Grove Drive, Los Angeles 90036, 8 pm to 11 pm.
March 31 — event
Brettina's debut CD Brettina was released on CD.
March 24 — event
The Brettina CD master and the packaging designs were delivered to the manufacturer.
March 15 — event
Brettina became available for sale by download.
March 4 — event
The Brettina CD was mastered.
March 3 — event
The last of the Brettina songs have been mixed.
February 18 — event
The first of the Brettina songs were delivered to the mixing artist.
February 15 — event
The CD became available for pre-order on the Buy page.
January 9 — event
Brettina returned to the Los Angeles area, where she continued recording her CD. Her photo and video crews also concluded their visit to the Bahamas.
January 8 — media appearance
"Fighting for her dream" — Chakara Bennett, The Nassau Guardian.
January 6 — media appearance
ZNS AM 1540 radio interview, (not available online).
January 5 — media appearance
STAR 106.5 FM radio interview, (not yet available online).
December 2009 — media appearance
"Beautiful Bahamian Girl", BahamiansOnline.com.
January 4 — event
Brettina's photo and video crews started arriving in the Bahamas for a photo shoot for her CD packaging, and shooting stock video that may be used in music videos.
December 29 — event
Brettina arrived in the Bahamas for media interviews to make the Bahamian public aware of her forthcoming release. Her first single, "Island in the Sun", was released to radio and television stations as she arrived.
Late December 2009 — event
Brettina's first single, "Island in the Sun", was mixed and made ready for broadcast release.

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